Darius Ferdynand, Rogan Richards - Dr. P.Q. Leers Pervy Practice ep. 2 [UKNakedMen.com] HD 720p

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Darius Ferdynand, Rogan Richards - Dr. P.Q. Leers Pervy Practice ep. 2 [UKNakedMen.com] HD 720p

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Starring: Darius Ferdynand, Rogan Richards
Categories: Gays, Anal, Rimming, Interracial, Blowjob, Fetish, Hairy Pussy, Hardcore, Masturbation, Tattoo, Piercing, Big Dick, Uniform, Rimjob, Deep Throat, Doctor, Suit and Tie, Cumshot
Studio: UKNakedMen.com
Released: 07.2021
Duration: 00:23:53
Quality: HD 720p

Sexy, hairy hottie Rogan Richards is meet smooth, muscular doctor - PQ Leer, whose wandering hands would have him struck off anywhere in the civilised world - but not here. The doctor inspects Rogans tight foreskin and deciding a bit of spit would loosen it up - he goes the extra mile. Our Doc slurps on that juicy, uncut, joint, deep throating it as far as he can, until hunky Rogan is rock hard, and then the sexy doctor spreads and begs for that uncut tool deep into his hot, fuck-hole. Rogan pumps the lads arse, stuffing him full of dark meat. The camera gets in good and close to see the Docs tight hole ripple and spread around the cock, until Rogans is up to his nuts and up to the Docs guts. Darius Ferdynand And Rough Giant Rogan Richards Dressed as a sailor and looking every bit like a walking, talking Billy Doll — the first out, proud, and anatomically correct gay doll — sexy, hairy beast Rogan Richards has a problem. He’s got an extremely tight foreskin and needs the good doc’s help in loosening it up. Naturally it gets tighter as Rogan gets hard but Doctor PQ Leer –Darius Ferdynand — is well up for the challenge. His wandering hands might get him struck off anywhere else in the civilised world – but not here. Thank goodness! After inspecting Rogan’s tight foreskin, the smooth, muscular doctor decides a bit of spit would help. He goes the extra mile, slurping on that juicy, uncut, joint and deep throating as much as he can. Once hunky Rogan is fully hard Darius spreads his beautiful ass and begs for that uncut tool deep into his hot, moist fuck-hole. Rogan pumps the lad’s ass, stuffing him full of dark meat, with the camera getting in good and close. Rogan gets in up to his balls in, re-arranging the Doc’s guts until they each spew. And what do you know? Rogan no longer has that tight foreskin problem! Seems like the fuck did the trick. Good ‘old Doctor PQ Leer to the rescue, yet again! Доп. информация: официальный релиз - 24.02.2014

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