Alexandra - Jerk Zombie Begs for Mercy [BratPrincess2] 2K UHD 2160p

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Alexandra - Jerk Zombie Begs for Mercy [BratPrincess2] 2K UHD 2160p

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Starring: Alexandra
Categories: Masturbation, Humiliation, Edging, Masturbation Humiliation, Girl Orgasm, Ass to pussy
Studio: BratPrincess2
Released: 12.2019
Duration: 00:15:02
Quality: 2K UHD 2160p

Alexandra’s jerk zombie is desperate for release from chastity. It begs. Alexandra teases the drone with the key to its chastity device. Finally, she unlocks him. The drone strokes when and how Alexandra instructs. When she tells it to stop it must immediately return itself to the chastity device. She circles him like prey as he strokes for her. Alexandra keeps her jerk drone right on the edge of orgasm with intermittent returns to the chastity cage. He becomes even more mindless. The slave begs for mercy and Alexandra instructs it to lock itself back into chastity. She closes the lock around the cage. The slave is now actually grateful to be returned to chastity. He will remain locked for at least another three months. This is his punishment for asking for ever asking for mercy. (15:02 long)

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Video: AVC, 3840x2160, (16:9), 24 Fps, 15677 Kbs
Audio: AAC LC, Stereo 2, 192000 Kbs
File Size: 1.67 Gb

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