Angela White, Karla Lane, Tommy Pistol - The Weight of Infidelity [] HD 720p - 04-20-2018

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Angela White, Karla Lane, Tommy Pistol - The Weight of Infidelity [] HD 720p - 04-20-2018

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Starring: Angela White, Karla Lane, Tommy Pistol
Categories: Public Sex, Big Tits, Hardcore, Pussy Licking, Cumshot, Deep Throat, Natural Tits, Humiliation, Big Fake Tits, Face Fuck, POV, Beautiful Girl, Swallow, Submissive, Curvy
Released: 09.2019
Duration: 00:54:40
Quality: HD 720p

Winner AVN Best Actor - Featurette Tommy Pistol
Winner XBIZ Best Actor -- Couples-Themed Release Tommy Pistol
THE WEIGHT OF infidelity
Wife and Mistress Get Revenge on Manipulative HUSBAND
SCENE opens one morning as a married couple, John and Angie, have sex in their kitchen. Naked and sweaty, we watch them fuck feverishly for a few minutes against the cabinets until John cums deep inside his Angies mouth. She swallows his load before springing up and wrapping her arms around her husband. They seem so happy. As they wind down, Angie struts over to the freezer and grabs a pint of ice cream. This causes John to stop. He asks what she is doing and, nonchalantly, she tells him that she wants something sweet. After all, she just burnt a ton of calories! Johns expression falls, and he reminds her how much work shes put in over the past few months. She shouldnt slip up now. Angie laughs, protesting that its just a little bit of ice cream but John grabs the pint and puts it back in the freezer, shutting the door. Im serious, he says. You dont want to gain weight. You still have so much to lose! Angie takes the spoon out of her mouth, her demeanor changing. Its ok baby, she whispers. I have a body pump class during my lunch break and Ill go to the gym after work. John takes the spoon from her hand and puts it in the dishwasher. I dont know how many times we have to go over this, he says curtly. This is not a joke. Its for your own good! Angie shrinks back, covering herself. Submissively, she apologizes, saying she didnt think it would be a big deal. Shes already lost so much; does she really have that much more to lose? John stares at her in silence until Angie begins to look visibly upset. You know Im only saying this to protect you, he says, moving in closer to embrace her. Ill always love you no matter what. You have so much potential to be beautiful. But, youre lucky I can look past the physical. Defeated and vulnerable, Angie thanks her husband for being so patient and understanding. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her to go get ready for work.
Angie is working away at her desk with the remnants of a very healthy, light lunch beside her. She is having difficulty concentrating and keeps looking down at her desk drawer. Finally, she pulls it out to reveal a stash of candy and snack bars.
Cut to a public washroom. Angie is kneeling inside a closed stall, throwing up. She flushes and exits awkwardly as a co-worker enters, in gym clothes, and asks if she is ready to head to body pump. She smiles and says yes, reverting to her usual cheerful disposition, and they exit.
Cut to the couples home. John is pacing anxiously, checking himself in the mirror and looking out the front window. Unbeknownst to Angie, he has left his workplace early to meet up with Karen, a woman hes been having an affair with. Karen has no idea that John is married. He receives a text message from her saying shes two minutes away. John texts back asking if she bought the cupcakes. She says yes. He tells her the door is open. He waits by the door, loosening his tie, as she walks in. Karen is a beautiful, voluptuous woman with far greater curves than Angie ... quite the opposite of everything that John has pressuring Angie to become. The lustful man grabs his mistress and they make out up the stairs to the master bedroom.
Cut to several hours later. Angie comes home through the front door, still sweaty and in workout clothes. As soon as she puts down her gym bag, she begins to hear noises coming from the upstairs bedroom. She slowly creeps up the stairs, her expression falling as she realizes what she is hearing.
Inside the master bedroom, John is having sex with Karen on the couples bed (BG Sequence 2). He is worshiping Karens curvy body, feeding her the cupcakes, and clearly taking great pleasure in having sex with a plus size woman. Angie watches from the doorway, devastated. She looks down at her soaked gym clothes in disgust and confusion. How could this be happening?! On the one hand, she is heart broken over Johns infidelity but also unable to understand why he spent so much energy convincing her to lose weight when he was clearly attracted to women much curvier than her. Shots of them fucking are intercut with Angie as she watches. John pulls out and cums all over Karens stomach as Angie finally breaks down and runs out of the house.
As she runs frantically, the sun setting behind her, flashbacks of what she just saw flood her mind. John and Karen fucking. John worshiping Karens curves. John feeding Karen. Her flashbacks are intercut with memories of how John had treated her in the past. Taking her plate away at meals. Making her weigh herself every morning. Always judging her physical appearance. Angies face turns from devastation to anger. Her flashbacks start to shift to fantasy, as she imagines herself talking Johns place, fucking and worshiping Karen with the same devotion as her cheating husband. The two women make out, their hands all over each other. Angie slides down Karens body and she begins to eat her pussy. (GG Sex Sequence #3.) As the sex progresses, Angie begins nibbling and biting Karens thighs and stomach. The camera drifts slowly up to Karens face, as she moans in pleasure. Her moans, however, start to change into looks of anguish as we hear the off-camera sounds of chewing and ripping begin to take over. Karen screams as she looks up into the POV of Angie.
SMASHCUT to Angie, her face red and dripping, as she stares down at a plate of ribs. Its been several days since Angie caught her husband in the act. Rather than confronting him, she has scanned his email to find Karens contact info. Now, the women have agreed to meet in public to discuss the situation. She wipes her face, stone cold, as the meek Karen enters the restaurant and approaches her. She asks Angie if she is Johns wife and Angie nods, motioning her to sit down. In near tears, Karen profusely apologizes and tells Angie she had no idea John was married. They had met on an adult community site six months ago and he seemed like a great guy: A self-described feeder looking for a partner. She thought it would be fun to try. But, as the months went on, he became more and more fixated on her size, pressuring her to gain as much as possible. In fact, he promised to only let her move in with him if she hit a certain target weight. Karen seems devastated and betrayed as she makes her confession. Angie shakes her head in disbelief. Johns demands have nothing to do with their appearance, she tells Karen, comforting her. His manipulations are all about control, trying to break them down for his own sick sexual gratification. She was blind to it for years, feeling as though nobody else would ever love her based on her appearance. But, shes not going to take it anymore. Karen asks if Angie has confronted John. Angie says no, but she knows how she wants to do it. And she needs Karens help.
That night, John comes home from work. He calls out to his wife as he enters the foyer. There is no response. Confused, he turns just as someone strikes him.
John wakes up. He is naked and has been tied to a chair in the master bedroom. The room around him is covered in plastic. He looks up in shock to see his wife and mistress standing naked in front him with knives. In a final POV shot, we see the two women approach him and kneel below the frame. John begins to scream as the frame cuts to black over the sound of the women eating.Site: Genre: Categories Big Tits, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Pussy Licking, Deepthroat, Cumshot, Titty Fuck, Humiliation, Cheating, Face FuckingDateRelease: 04-20-2018

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